American Idol and Your Success

American Idol and Your Success
Copyright © Roberto Torres

Hello Friend,

So you are probably saying to yourself Roberto, what are you talking about?

What does American Idol have to do with my success?

First let me share with you that I am not a big TV watcher.

However I do enjoy American Idol. So while I am coaching
and helping people, my daughters are kind enough to record
the show for me.

The show started again this week and they always seem to focus
more on the people who audition and have no real singing talent.

This is usually a funny part of the show. But this year I picked up
on something I had not in the past seasons.

I was amazed at how many people really thought they could sing
but could not.

I was just watching in amazement how these folks would have a complete meltdown because the judges said they can’t sing.

I mean they really get upset. So they walk out of there arguing with the
judges. They talk about how the judges don’t know anything about music and how wrong the judges are.

I am sitting there looking at this and saying but they can’t sing! I mean don’t get me wrong I am no song bird myself. But I know I can’t sing.

That’s why I am not on American Idol.

Here is what I learned from American Idol. Are you ready?

Don’t miss this.

The lesson I learned from American Idol is this.

You can have all the desire, belief, motivation, take action,
positive thinking, goal setting, vision believing you want.

To be successful at it you must have skills!

It all comes down to what we say and do. Even Simon Cowell (who is the snobby judge on the show), tells people well you can sing but you have no personality. He’s right.

If we want to promote what we do, then we must know what to do and what to say.

All those other things I mentioned are important, but without skills you are a dead duck.

Unless of course you are William Hung (You have to be an Idol fan to know what I mean). 😉

Which then goes to show you what marketing can do. But that is a whole other subject.

To learn more about what skills you should develop give me a call 352-522-0253 and we can talk about it.

As always I can only share with you what is currently working for me
and my team. You are peaking inside my actual system.

Yours to count on,

Roberto & Cleta Torres

The King & Queen of “No Rejection”

Take a peak at exactly what I do to create a full-time
income from home.

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One Comment on “American Idol and Your Success”

  1. Once again, Roberto, you’ve made some valid points …

    Reading a new personal development book every week, listening to all the great CD’s, chanting a mantra, organizing your workspace, and pasting pictures on a dream board may be helpful activities, but …

    Without SKILLS, you’ll never earn a dime in this industry!

    Thanks for your blatant candor,

    ~Melanie Kissell
    FreeLife~Live it

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